Posted by: DawnMarie White (DMWatLaw) | September 26, 2010


Welcome to our website! We provide superior legal representation with a client-centered approach. Our goal is to help people who find themselves in an unfortunate situation resolve the situation so that they can move forward with their lives. DawnMarie White, Attorney at Law serves all of Central Indiana.

We understand that when you need an attorney, it is likely a very stressful and difficult time in your life or the life of someone you love. It is important that you find an attorney that you can trust and takes your needs and goals into account. Our client-centered approach does just that.

We handle all types of criminal law, personal injury cases, and family law cases. (For a detailed list, please see the Case Type tab at the top of this page.) Our ultimate goal is to first and always be understanding and respectful of our clients. In criminal cases, we understand that our clients’ freedom and liberty may not be their only concern. We work to ensure each client’s liberty without harm to their professional lives in every case. In family law cases, our goals are directed by our clients’ goals and desired outcomes.

We look forward to assisting you with your criminal and family law matters. Consultations are available. Rates are reasonable. Payment plans are often available. Credit cards are accepted.

Please note: An attorney-client relationship can only be established by an agreement between the attorney and the client. Visiting this website or contacting me does not establish an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship will be established with DawnMarie White by an engagement letter. If you are unsure if you are a client, please contact me. If you have not received an engagement letter, you are not currently a client.

This website is not intended to be legal advice. You should not act on any information contained in this website without retaining an attorney.


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